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Each Refund Is Based On Its Individual Circumstance

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How To Establish If You Have A Payday Loan Claim
This takes just a few minutes of your time.

Initial Assessment

When you make a payday loan claim enquiry, you will receive an email with some simple instructions to obtain your credit report. This helps to establish if you have a payday claim.


Once the credit report has been reviewed, you will receive the outcome of the assessment.

If claims are found, an instruction form will be sent to you for completion which allows the firm to start the process in claiming back your payday loan refund.


When we receive your signed instruction form, we will start processing your payday loan refund claim. Under FCA Guidance, your lender has 8 weeks to provide their response to our findings.

Claim Back Payday Loan Interest & Charges!

You may be eligible to make a Payday Loan Claim without even knowing it!

Are You Eligible?

Did you take out multiple payday loans within a short period of time?

Did you find yourself struggling due to the payments required by the payday loan lender?

There is no minimum value of payday loans required and we help all consumers, even those in debt!

Make an enquiry

To find out if you have a payday loan claim, simply complete a payday loan claim form online.

You will then be contacted upon receipt of your documents

Once we’ve received your documents, your credit report or statement of accounts will be checked to determine if you have a claim.
You will then receive an email with the outcome of the assessment.

Sign Your Agreement

You will be provided with an instruction form to complete.
This allows the third party to act on your behalf and speak with your lender.


Once you have completed all of the required documents, your payday loan claim will be issued to the lender in which they have 8 weeks to issue their Final Response.

Due to the volume of claims being processed, we are aware that some lenders have delays.

Make your Payday Claim online with just a few details!

Are You Eligible To Make A Claim?

Are You Eligible To Make A Claim?

You may have been mis-sold your payday loan if:

Charges and fees were not made clear to you by the payday lender.

You had to borrow from another payday lender to pay off another payday loan.

You repeatedly borrowed more money on your payday loans from the same lender.

Upon repayment of your loan, you was in financial hardship and unable to buy required items such as food or pay your bills because the repayment was a large proportion of your monthly income.

How Much Can I Claim Back?

No two claims are the same! Every claim is unique however we successfully reclaim:

All Charges and Fees you incurred

All interest that you paid on your payday loan

8% Simple Interest

Removal of adverse credit history

Where applicable, the removal of any outstanding balance

Can You Make A Payday Loan Claim?

What is a payday loan?

Every year, consumers borrow millions of pounds from payday lenders in the form of a ‘short term loan’ commonly known as a payday loan.

Unfortunately, many of these loans lead to further borrowing, financial hardship and in some cases, severe debt problems.

If this sounds familiar, then please contact us to discuss a potential Payday Loan Claim!

Do I need any records of my payday loans to make a claim?

Any information you hold regarding your payday loans will allow us to start our investigations upon your instruction.

Where you no longer hold any information, we can obtain this on your behalf to establish any potential claim upon your consent.

Can I make a payday loan claim myself?

Yes, you can make a payday loan claim direct to your payday loan lender without the involvement of a Claims Management Company ‘CMC’ or Solicitor. You have the ability to take your claim to the Courts, Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme should you choose.

When doing so, please ensure that you obtain sufficient evidence where making a payday loan claim as your lender may reject your complaint leading to delays where further investigation is required through the Financial Ombudsman Service.

What information do I need to make a payday loan claim?

To make a payday loan claim, we will either require a copy of your credit report, statement of account or authorisation to obtain this from your payday lender.
By providing a copy of your credit report or statement of account, we will be able to establish if you have a claim in as little as 2 working days.

How do I start a payday loan claim?

If you are unsure if you have a claim, or you think you do and would like to start a payday claim, simply complete an online enquiry form.

Once you’ve entered your details, you will receive an email with instructions on how you can start your claim.

What we do for you

Pemberton & Associates Limited t/a Payday Loan Claims are no longer accepting new clients following the recent change in regulatory body. You can however make a claim with Refund Payday Loan who will;

Full Assessment Of All Your Accounts

Establish Any Claims You May Not Be Aware Of

Handle Your Claim From Start To Finish

No Upfront Fees

how long does it take you to know if you are eligible?

It normally takes around 2 working days of having all the necessary information to complete a review of your credit report.
Where we believe a claim is found, we recommend that a complaint is issued against the lender promptly to avoid delay in any potential refund..

Find out if you have a claim

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